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Wood & Faux Wood Blinds
Timeless elegance for your home


If you are looking for that product to match the rest of the wood in your home, well you have found it. Wood blinds range in slat sizes from 1 inch, 2 inch, and 2-1/2 inch. They are also available in a variety of designer paint colors, natural stains and rich finishes. Wood blinds add elegance and sophistication to any room in your home!

Wood Blind Features:

  • tilt option to direct light
  • stained and painted blinds available to match your decor
  • wood grains show
  • wider slat sizes can offer a shutter look without the cost of shutters
  • easy to clean with feather duster
  • great selection of decorative wood valances and cornices
  • energy efficient since wood is a natural insulator
  • available in variety of widths
  • cordless option available for the safety of children and pets
  • real woods are lighter weight
  • tapes available in select woods
  • can specify side by side
  • come in specialty shapes and some are operable





Faux wood blinds are a wonderful option. They are truly a great option for any room in your home. They are great for high moisture areas such as bathrooms as they resist warping, cracking, chipping and peeling. Faux wood blinds come in a variety of paint and wood grain finishes to accent any décor.

Faux Wood Blind Features:

  • tilt option to direct light
  • highly durable
  • affordable way to get the real wood look without the real wood price
  • stained and painted blinds
  • wider slats can give you the shutter look without the shutter price
  • tapes available in select woods
  • composite or faux woods good for high humidity places.
  • can easily be cleaned with dusting or damp cloth
  • cordless, motorized, cord tilt or wand tilt options
  • the cordless option is a great safety feature for children and pets
  • come in specialty shapes and some are operable
  • wide selection of valances and cornices to enhance the look